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Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Brands

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Brands

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This post is about the best EXTRA-VIRGIN olive oil brands to get. This is NOT about regular olive oil.

In my recipes, when I list the ingredients, I make a distinction between Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Use regular olive oil in cooking with heat and in the early stages of cooking the dish.

I use extra virgin olive oil either near the end or after the dish to drizzle over the dish.

OR, I use extra virgin olive oil  with uncooked dishes.

Most of the olive oil brand’s I’ve tasted taste like donkey scum. They make a good dish, with excellent ingredients seem like they were made with dinosaur fossil.

These are the extra virgin olive oils I’ve tasted that are really good.

Top Choice:


Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Try it.



Lucini Extra Virgin Olive Oil




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